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Avalanche warning for region Ofoten Tuesday 30.05.2023

Danger level 2 - Moderate avalanche danger

Rain increases danger of wet avalanches. Be careful on steep slopes with soft and wet snow, a skier can trigger avalanches here. Keep distance to cornices and areas with glide-cracks.

Avalanche problems

Wet snow (loose snow avalanches)

Avalanches may release spontaneously on a few steep slopes. Avalanches can get large enough to bury or even kill you (size 2).

Loose snow

New snow (slab avalanches)

You can trigger avalanches on a few steep slopes. Avalanches can get large enough to bury or even kill you (size 2).

Buried weak layer of new snow

Below you can see a description of the current snow cover information and current weather forecast in the mountains. If your observations deviate greatly from what is described here, the warning will not necessarily apply either. Always make your own judgments or stay away from avalanche terrain.

Snow cover (in Norwegian)

Monday 29. May 2023

I høyden ligger det nysnø oppå eldre snø. Eldre snødekke har vært helt smelteomvandlet opp til ca. 1000 moh.

Det gamle snødekket er for det meste smelteomdannet.

Mountain weather

Monday 29. May 2023

10 mm precipitation, up to 20 mm in the most exposed areas. Rain up to 700 m a.s.l during the afternoon. Moderate gale from southwest, changing to breeze from the west during the afternoon. -3 °C to 0 °C at 1100 m a.s.l. Partly cloudy.

Tuesday 30. May 2023

12 mm precipitation, up to 25 mm in the most exposed areas. Rain up to 1200 m a.s.l during the afternoon. Breeze from southwest, changing to moderate gale from the south during the afternoon. -3 °C to 1 °C at 1100 m a.s.l. Cloudy.


The bulletin is a planning tool and may differ from the actual situation. Always make your own evaluation. To be 100 % avalanche safe, avoid all avalanche terrain.

Avalanche risk assessment

Utover tirsdag stiger mildværsgrensa. Faren for våte skred øker når nysnø fra siste dager blir utsatt for regn. Enkelte skred kan løsne naturlig. Der det fortsatt er igjen skavler kan det være fare for skavlbrudd. Enkelte glideskred kan forekomme der det ligger igjen snø på bratte sva.

I leheng høyt til fjells kan det finnes fokksnøflak som er mulig å påvirke, men disse stabiliserer seg sannsynligvis kjapt i relativt milde temperaturer.

Avalanche danger scale Important information for ski touring
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