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Read more about how to read and share observations on Varsom app and Regobs system | Varsom.no.

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Regobs - About data, terms of service and privacy policy

Regobs is a tool in the Varsom-platform that facilitates registering and sharing observations, using the Varsom app, web page, or API. Regobs is used for the snow avalanche-, landslide-, lake ice- and flood-warning systems at Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE). Regobs is used by private persons and organizations doing hazard assessments. The Varsom app, www.regobs.no, and an API provide access to the system. NVE is a directorate under the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy. Regobs is a service delivered by NVE in collaboration with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

These terms of services and data policies apply to the Varsom app and the Regobs system.


The Regobs observations are treated as fresh data. After registration of observation, it is available for all to read. Observations can be edited or deleted within 48 hours after they are registered.

Use the observations and maps in Regobs at your own risk.

Data on Regobs are produced by the users and are available 'as is'. They may contain errors and omissions. NVE makes no warranties as for the currency of the information and does not take responsibility if the data results in incorrect or misleading information.

The number of stars (1–5) describes the level of competence of the person providing observations. Without stars, competence is unknown or low.

Read more about stars and competence levels here

Your nickname is visible to all and associates you with the observation you are registering. It is up to you if your nickname reveals who you are, or if you pick a nickname that makes you anonymous. You can change your nickname at any time.

You need an NVE account to submit observations. A user can delete their NVE account. If that is done, the nickname of the observations registered by this user will be changed to “anonymous”. The observations will remain available in Regobs.

Terms of service

Data in the NVE services are licensed under Norsk lisens for offentlige data (NLOD) which is compatible with CC Navngivelse 4.0 Norge (CC BY 4.0).

When you use data, you should refer to the licensee as far as possible. For example: Regobs data should be shown together with the Varsom logo, followed by text. When using Regobs data from a specific source, for example, an image or an observation, you should refer to the photographer or observer, respectively. The Varsom logo can be accessed here. When using the data, you should as far as possible link to the NVE services (Regobs, Abonner, Skredregistrering, and Sildre).

You automatically accept that your contribution of data to the NVE services can be reused by others, given the conditions for the services (regobs.no and skredregistrering.no). As a user, you need to make sure you have the rights to the images you upload to the NVE services. This includes copyright and consent from persons pictured in the images. Uploading images of articles or other content restricted by a paywall is prohibited. NVE recommends limited use of images where persons can be recognized. You accept images to be reused when publishing images on observations in Regobs (licensed under NLOD).

You accept images to be reused by others when publishing images in observations in Regobs (licensed under NLOD).

Contact NVE if you observe information or observations in the NVE services with big mistakes, illegal content, or offensive content. If you do so we are able to remove this content.

Privacy policy

More information regarding NVE’s treatment of personal information is provided in NVE’s Privacy policy. Below we have collected information that is related to Regobs (web and Varsom app).

The Privacy policy explains how we collect and use personal information. NVE is responsible for the treatment of personal information that is used in relation to the listed NVE services above.

Processing of personal data

It is voluntary for users that visit our web pages to provide personal information. The creation of an NVE account is based on giving your consent for sharing some personal information with us, such as your email address. You need to give your consent if you want to receive operational information, newsletters, and user surveys. An overview of which personal information you have shared and given your consent can be found on your NVE account user page. You may at any time withdraw your consent.

Use of cookies

A cookie is a text file that, when visiting or interacting with a website, is placed in your browser's internal memory. Some cookies are necessary for correct webpage functionality. Read more about cookies on NVE account here.

Cookies that you need to give your consent are handled individually in each NVE service.

Activity statistics

In some of our NVE services, we collect information about activity statistics using Google Analytics. The purpose of this is to collect statistics that we use to improve and develop the content on the webpage. This includes for example how many visit our web pages, how long this session lasts, and which webpage and browser the visitors come from. You need to give your consent to this, and this is handled in each individual NVE service.

Data Protection Officer

You can contact NVEs Data Protection Officer if you have questions regarding how NVE treats your personal information or if you need help understanding your rights. The Data Protection Officer has a duty of confidentiality. If you have questions regarding the Privacy Policy, send an email to nve@nve.no . Write «Data Protection Officer» in the subject line.