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Avalanche warning for region Helgeland Sunday 05.02.2023

Danger level 3 - Considerable avalanche danger

Generally unstable conditions. Natural avalanches can occur and you have to expect to trigger avalanches when venturing into steeper terrain.

Avalanche problems

Persistent weak layer (slab avalanches)

Avalanches may release spontaneously on some steep slopes. Avalanches can get large enough to bury a car or destroy a small house (size 3). Remote triggering is possible.

Buried weak layer of faceted snow near surface


The bulletin is a planning tool and may differ from the actual situation. Always make your own evaluation. To be 100 % avalanche safe, avoid all avalanche terrain.

Snow cover (in Norwegian), 04.02.2023

Det har vært rolig vær og ingen nedbør av betydning de siste dagene. Siste større snøfall kom i starten av uken. I høyden preges snøoverflaten av vind mange steder, med fokksnø av ulik hardhet. I formasjoner som er skjermet for vind ligger det en god del løs snø på overflaten.

Det har utviklet seg et lag av kantkorn høyt i snødekke. Det har også dannet seg rim på overflaten etter kaldt og klart vær.

Mountain weather, 04.02.2023

5 mm precipitation, up to 10 mm in the most exposed areas. Rain up to 200 m a.s.l during the evening. Strong breeze from south, changing to moderate gale from the south during the evening. -22 °C to -8 °C at 1100 m a.s.l. Partly cloudy.

Mountain weather, 05.02.2023

15 mm precipitation, up to 25 mm in the most exposed areas. Rain up to 400 m a.s.l Sunday night. Strong breeze from south, changing to fresh breeze from the west during the afternoon. -8 °C to -3 °C at 1100 m a.s.l. Cloudy.

Avalanche danger scale Important information for ski touring
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