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Warnings on natural hazards right on your mobile

Published: 4/1/2022

You can now be notified by email or SMS about both dangerous weather, floods and landslides where you live or travel. The Norwegian warning portal for natural hazards Varsom.no has been expanded and improved.

Flooding river down a steep hill, car on the edge. Red houses in the background.
Heavy rainfall led to flooding in Utvik in July 2017. The Bruland river took new course and caused major devastation in the village.

Varsom.no now provides a comprehensive representation of all alerts about natural hazards on land. Hazardous weather alerts come from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (MET), while flood, avalanche, landslide hazards come from the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE).

The notifications are coordinated in terms of form, content and concepts. The hazard warnings are given with the color categories yellow (challenging situation), orange (severe situation) and red (extreme situation).

By signing up for a free subscription to https://abonner.varsom.no you will receive notifications by email or SMS as soon as the notifications are published on varsom.no. You decide what danger levels will cause you to be notified.