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Report on avalanche accident in Lyngen 30th of March 2022

Published: 2/17/2023

30th of March 2022 a group of five ski tourists was taken by an avalanche in Lyngen. One man died and three got severely injured.

Fatal avalanche on Erikaksla. Picture: Finn Kristoffer Hovem

Based on information provided by the involved group and the rescue service, NVE has written a report on the accident up to the point of the avalanche releasing and learning points that can be inferred from the accident. Read the report here.

The learning points summed up:

  • Be aware of what motivates you – A closing window of time could affect your tolerance for risk.
  • Communication – Open and honest communication within a group before, during and after a trip is important.
  • Stay in safe terrain when assessing the avalanche conditions.
  • Think consequences and be aware of terrain traps – Could the terrain below you increase the consequences if you are taken by an avalanche?
  • Keep distance between the participants in a group to make sure that not the entire group is taken by an avalanche.
  • Always check Varsom for new information – Varsom is continually updated with new observations.
  • The Norwegian avalanche bulletin contains more information than the English version.

 Varsom also has made a page with important information if you're going ski touring in Norway.