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Debris avalanches and debris flows warning yellow level for deler av Sør-Østlandet og Agder


Yellow level

Published: Valid: from 28.11.2022 07:00 to 29.11.2022 06:59
Next forecast before:
  • Danger ongoing: Friday morning 25. Nov. 2022
  • Danger decrease: Tuesday morning 29. Nov. 2022
  • Height: 0 - 800 moh

Oppdatert informasjon -

Søndag: Noen kommuner i Buskerud, Vestfold og Telemark er tatt ut av varselet.
  • Oppdatert informasjon -
    Varselområdet er utvidet østover med en enkelte kommuner i Telemark, Vestfold og Buskerud.
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Landslides may be expected. Exposed railways and roads may be closed. Along the watercourses in the flood areas high discharge can lead to erosion of masses at the foot of slopes. Rapid decline of water levels after flood can also cause local landslides.


Keep water paths and culverts free of snow, ice, gravel, waste, twigs and leaves. Clogged waterways with dammed water may cause landslides. Keep away from steep slopes, as well as streams and rivers with high discharge. River erosion may trigger minor soil slips, which again may reduce the soil stability along the river. Be aware of such soil slips in areas mapped with quick clay, and areas with marine deposits. If such observations are made, do not hesitate to alert responsible municipal emergency staff at the local kommune.


Steep slopes, as well as streams and rivers with high discharge, are particularly exposed. With the current forecast, certain parts of the region are more exposed. Details are found in the warning message in Norwegian.