Flood and landslide forecast

Debris avalanches and debris flows warning orange level for Hordaland (NVE)

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Kommuner i Hordaland har blitt inkludert i varslingsområdet.



Heavy rain is expected from wednesday evening until thursday morning, locally up to 110 mm/24h. Location and amount is still uncertain but following the last prognosis the most susceptible area will be the central part of Hordaland. The warning level is orange because short intense rain is expected up to 60 mm in 3h.

Steep slopes, as well as streams and river with high discharge are particularly exposed. Debris flows may reach the valley bottom even if they are triggered high in the terrain.
Danger increase Wednesday evening 28. Aug. 2019
Danger decrease Thursday evening 29. Aug. 2019
Consequence Many landslide events, some with considerable consequences. Major events may reach settlements, roads and railways. Debris avalanches/shallow slides: Soil slides and rapid movement of saturated soil in steep terrain. Debris flows: A "flood" of water, soil and rocks in steep creeks. Surface runoff in steep terrain can cause streams to change regular flow patterns.
Advice Keep yourself updated about the development of the weather, the landslide and flood situation, and follow the weather radar. Keep away from steep slopes, as well as streams and rivers with high discharge. Municipalities, Counties and other emergency operators should continuously evaluate the need for preparedness and prevention measures.
Warning level meaning Severe situation that occurs rarely, requires contingency preparedness and may cause severe damages within some extent of the warning area. Orange level is the second highest of our alert levels.

The warnings are valid from 07.00  - 07.00.

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