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We recomend that all skiers download the free Varsom app on App Store or Google Play.

Read more about how to read and share observations on Varsom app and Regobs system | Varsom.no.

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Avalanche terrain

The only way to be absolutely sure of avoiding avalanche accidents is to stay away from avalanche terrain.

We divide avalanche terrain into release areas and runout zones.

Release areas

Release areas are terrain where avalanches can start. Such terrain is steeper than 30 degrees. When traveling in such steep terrain, you must be sure that there is not an avalanche problem in this terrain.

In the Varsom-app, which you can find on the App Store and in Google Play, there is a map of slope angle which helps you to identify terrain stepper than 30 degrees in Norway and Svalbard.

Runout zones

The runout zones are the terrain below the release areas. If an avalanche starts, the shape and steepness of the terrain will influence how far it runs. In the Varsom app, you will find a map with modeled runout zones.

You should also avoid runout zones on days when there is a risk of naturally triggered avalanches.

If there are persistent weak layers in the snow, there is a possibility of triggering avalanches at a distance from the release areas and thus runout zones should be avoided. 

Download the Varsom app

Skjermutklipp av Varsom Regobs app med bratthetskart en observasjon.

The Varsom app is available in several different languages and gives you:

  • Avalanche forecast
  • Topographic map
  • Slope angle map
  • Avlanche runout zones map
  • Observations of avlanches and snow conditions
  • You can share your observations

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