Avalanche forecast for Trollheimen Sunday 2019-03-17


Locally unstable avalanche conditions. Be careful of recently loaded wind slabs. A persistent weak layer of facets may be triggered, especially where the snow cover is thin.

New snow (slab avalanches)

Buried weak layer of new snow

Be careful in steep slopes and around terrain traps until the new snow has stabilized. The avalanche problem is generally widely distributed on any steep slope with deep new snow. Look for cohesive new snow that breaks apart or is poorly bonded to the old snow. Cracks around your skis are a typical dangersign.
2 - Medium
Low additional load
Isolated steep slopes

Persistent weak layer (slab avalanches)

Buried weak layer of faceted snow near surface

Keep distance to each other when traveling in avelanche terrain. NB, remote triggering is possible. Make very conservative route choices, especially in unknown terrain, after snowfall and if temperatures rise. Identifying areas where the weak layer is present might be difficult and requires experience. Danger signs are whoumpf-sounds and cracking which means that you influence weak layers and should avoid avalanche terrain. However, absence of signs does not mean it is safe.
2 - Medium
High additional load
Specific steep slopes

What are avalanche problems?

Observations the last 3 days (map placed)

6 mm precipitation, up to 16 mm in the most exposed areas.
Moderate gale from southeast., change to fresh breeze from the northeast during the afternoon.
-13 °C to -7 °C at 1400 m a.s.l.

For updated info, please visit yr.no
0 mm precipitation.
Breeze from southeast., change to fresh breeze from the southeast during the afternoon.
-15 °C to -7 °C at 1400 m a.s.l.
Plus degrees up to 100 m a.s.l. during the evening.
Clear skies.

For updated info, please visit yr.no

Observations the last 3 days

Trollheimen / SUNNDAL


17.03.2019 kl. 14:04

506 masl

sindrejh (Unknown)


Snow Did not affect anything

Avalanche Danger Assessment

3 Considerable En del snø og vind så akkurat nå økende skredfare. Lokalt ville nok jeg vurdert grad 3 i dag og i morgen.


Snow 7 m/s from E ← 100% clouds

Danger Sign

Recent snowdrift Område: Generelt på fjellet. Beskrivelse: Lagres på godt nå.

Avalanche Observation

17. Mar 14:00 Dry slab avalanche 1 - Small Human triggered N-facing Buried weak layer of new snow 25 cm high and 20 m wide fracture Forrest Utløste en liten skavel i skogen.

ObsID: 186757

Trollheimen / Okla


16.03.2019 kl. 11:58

1061 masl

Morten N (Unknown)

Image Of Danger Sign
Image 1 of 1 Of:  Danger Sign Copyright:  Comment:  Rimkrystaller på overflaten.

Danger Sign

Surface hoar Observerte store områder med rimkrystaller på overflaten på vei opp til Okla.

ObsID: 186613

Trollheimen / Oppdal


16.03.2019 kl. 11:26

946 masl

obr (Unknown)

Image Of Snow Cover
Image 1 of 1 Of:  Snow Cover Copyright:  obr Comment:  Storebekkhøa

Snow Cover

Vekslende lett papp og 15cm pudder i skogen

Danger Sign

No signs observed

ObsID: 186517

The bulletin does not include a detailed text about the avalanche conditions. This is only given in Norwegian. Translate it using google translate if you like. The text result will be informative, and most likely amusing

For planning your trip and recognizing avalanche terrain, use maps.

Norway has 1:50 000 maps for the whole country. Maps can be bought at bookstores and sports shops, or printed from the net.

Visit www.ut.no for topographic maps online. For slope angle maps, see NGI slope angel maps ("helning" means slope angle).

Modelled snowpack and historic and current weather information can be found on the webpage senorge.no. This site uses information from the weather stations and interpolate values from the stations for gridded maps.

Detailed weather forecast can be found online at www.yr.no or www.storm.no. Yr.no is also in English, but the weather in text format is only given in Norwegian.