Warning from MET Norway

Extremely strong wind gusts ongoing, red level (MET) Extreme weather Frank

North-Helgeland, Salten, Ofoten and Troms

Published: 22.01.2021 05:49 Valid: from 22.01.2021 07:00 to 22.01.2021 18:00

Type of warning

Wind gusts

Friday east and southeasterly storm is still expected, with extreme gust locally with 35-50 m/s. The strongest wind is slowly decreasing during Friday in the south, towards the evening also in the northern part. It has already been observed locally extreme or very strong wind gusts in all the area, but large variations in wind speed are still expected. Some places may have calm conditions while other places experience extreme wind gusts. In addition the temperature at exposed places is in the range of -7 to -15 degrees. The combination storm and low temperatures could cause challenges for power delivery, there is potenial for frost bite and risk of moderate to severe icing on ships.

Name Frank
Sender MET Norway
Source https://www.met.no/nyhetsarkiv/ekstremvaeret-frank-ekstremt-kraftige-vindkast-i-deler-av-nordland-og-troms
Danger increases from 1/22/2021 7:00:00 AM
1/22/2021 6:00:00 PM
Consequence It is dangerous to be outdoors, and unusually large damage to buildings, infrastructure, forests and power supplies is expected. Expect cancelled departures for ferry, plane, or other transport. Bridges may be closed. Ceiling tiles blow off houses and buildings. Allow a lot of extra time for transportation and driving, even for short journeys. The power supply locally will be significantly affected. Many roads may be closed due to trees or other objects. Blowing snow causes reduced visibility and possibly convoys and/or closed roads. The strong wind may cause locally high waves in fjords and lakes.
Advice Follow the advice of emergency authorities. If you MUST drive, follow the advice from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and check road reports (175.no). Follow advice and check status from transport operators. Prepare your home for a potentially long power outage. The need for emergency preparedness shall be assessed continuously by emergency response actors. In advance consider measures to limit damage.
Awareness seriousness Extreme situation
Certainty Observed - 100%
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