Avalanche warning for region Hallingdal Tuesday 17.05.2022

Danger level 2 - Moderate avalanche danger


The avalanche danger varies during the day. High temperature and sun elevates the danger of wet avalanches. Keep distance to cornices and areas with glide-cracks. Highest danger is in western parts of the region.

Avalanche problems

Wet snow (loose snow avalanches)

Avalanches may release spontaneously on a few steep slopes. Avalanches can get large enough to bury or even kill you (size 2).


The bulletin is a planning tool and may differ from the actual situation. Always make your own evaluation. To be 100 % avalanche safe, avoid all avalanche terrain.

Snow cover (in Norwegian)

Snødekket er generelt preget av smelteformer med noe nysnø over ca 1000 moh i vestre deler av regionen. Snøfordelingen er ujevn. Etter en snøfattig vinter er det nå lite snø igjen øst i regionen under ca. 1200-1400 moh. Mer snø vest i regionen, særlig i terreng mot øst og nord.

Mountain weather, 16.05.2022

No precipitation. Breeze from east. -4 °C to 9 °C at 1400 m a.s.l. Clear skies.

Mountain weather, 17.05.2022

No precipitation. Calm/light breeze from northwest. -5 °C to 11 °C at 1400 m a.s.l. Clear skies.

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