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Avalanche warning for region Finnmarkskysten Tuesday 30.05.2023

Danger level 1 - Low avalanche danger

It's favorable conditions, but it may be possible to trigger small avalanches in steep terrain where the snow is very wet.

Avalanche problems

Wet snow (loose snow avalanches)

You can trigger avalanches on a few steep slopes. Avalanches are relatively harmless to people, but can knock you off balance. Can be dangerous close to terrain traps. (size 1)

Loose snow


The bulletin is a planning tool and may differ from the actual situation. Always make your own evaluation. To be 100 % avalanche safe, avoid all avalanche terrain.

Avalanche risk assessment

I områder med våt løssnø i overflaten kan det være mulig å løse ut skred. Mest utsatt vil være de områdene som har fått nysnø de siste dagene. Eldre smelteomvandlet snø er stort sett stabil. Vær oppmerksom der det finnes skavler, disse kan brekke og falle ned.

Snow cover (in Norwegian), 29.05.2023

Snøoverflaten har vært gjennomfuktet helt opp til fjelltopphøyde.

Snødekket er for det meste smelteomvandlet.

Snøgrensa ligger på ca. 200 moh.

Mountain weather, 29.05.2023

1-3 mm precipitation. Rain up to 700 m a.s.l Monday night. Fresh breeze from south, changing to strong breeze from the southwest during the afternoon. -1 °C to 5 °C at 700 m a.s.l. Cloudy.

Mountain weather, 30.05.2023

1-4 mm precipitation. Rain up to 600 m a.s.l during the evening. Moderate gale from southwest, changing to breeze from the south during the afternoon. -1 °C to 4 °C at 700 m a.s.l. Cloudy.

Avalanche danger scale Important information for ski touring
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