Debris avalanches and debris flows warning orange level for deler av vestlandet


Orange level

Published: Valid: from 06.10.2022 07:00 to 07.10.2022 06:59
Next forecast before:
  • Danger increase: Wednesday morning 5. Oct. 2022
  • Danger decrease: Tuesday morning 11. Oct. 2022
  • Height: 0 - 2000 moh

Oppdatert informasjon -

Kommunene i Agder, Telemark, Viken og Innlandet nedgraderes fra gult til grønt lørdag.
  • Oppdatert informasjon -
    Oransje område nedgraderes til gult fredag formiddag. Nedbørstoppen ser ut til å være nådd og det er så langt rapportert om et begrenset antall hendelser.
  • Oppdatert informasjon -
    Kommuner i indre strøk er oppjustert til oransje farenivå fra torsdag
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Landslides are expected, some with considerable consequences. Large slides may reach settlements, roads and railways.


Keep yourself updated about the development of the weather, the landslide and flood situation, and follow the weather radar. Keep away from steep slopes, as well as streams and rivers with high discharge. Keep water paths and culverts free of snow, ice, gravel, waste, twigs and leaves. Clogged waterways with dammed water may cause landslides. Municipalities, Counties and other emergency operators should continuously evaluate the need for preparedness and prevention measures.


Steep slopes, as well as streams and rivers with high discharge, are particularly exposed. Rain is expected, followed by heavy showers in some places.