Flood warning yellow level for deler av Vestlandet


Yellow level

Published: Valid: from 15.12.2021 07:00 to 16.12.2021 06:59
Next forecast before:
  • Danger increase: Tuesday afternoon 14. Dec. 2021
  • Danger decrease: Wednesday evening 15. Dec. 2021
  • Height: 0 - 1200 moh

Oppdatert informasjon -

Se vannføring i sanntid på https://bit.ly/3m4jLHG
  • Oppdatert informasjon -
    De er lagt til kommuner nord i varslingsområdet og trukket fra kommuner sør i varslingsområdet.
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Local flooding and/or erosional damage in streams and small rivers. Stormwater in urban areas.


Cleaning of drainage paths and culverts is recommended. Stay informed on the situation.


Water discharge is expected to increase because of rain and snowmelt. This may cause local inundation where river channels are filled with ice and because of frozen ground. It also may cause ice drift in streams, with subsequent local inundation. Local flooding and erosion damage. Rising temperatures will lead to high snow melting also in the high mountains.