Flood and landslide forecast

Flood warning yellow level for Østlandet (NVE)

Published: Valid: to 2021-08-01 06:59 AM Next forecast before:

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Gult flomvarsel for Østlandet søndag 1. august er nedgradert til grønt pga. mindre nedbør enn ventet og ingen observert flomvannføring.



The water discharge is expected to increase rapidly in small and medium sized rivers is expected. Local flooding and erosion damage. Large amounts of rain are expected in the warning area.
Danger increase Saturday morning 31. Jul. 2021
Danger decrease Sunday afternoon 1. Aug. 2021
Consequence Local flooding and/or erosional damage in streams and small rivers. Risk of storm water in urban areas, local flooding, stream bank erosion, changing waterways, shallow landslides at locations impacted by showers.
Advice Stay informed on the situation. Secure and/or move assets away from vulnerable areas (car, caravan along rivers/streams, basements). Cleaning of drainage paths and culverts is recommended. Keep away from rivers and streams with high flow.
Warning level meaning Challenging situation that requires monitoring and may cause local damages within the warning area.

The warnings are valid from 07.00  - 07.00.

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