Flood and landslide forecast

Flood warning orange level for vestlige deler av Sør-Norge (NVE)

Published: Valid: to 2020-06-22 06:59 AM Next forecast before:

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Kjøligere vær gir mindre snøsmelting og lavere vannstander/ vannføringer og deler av området og er derfor nedgrader fra gult til grønt. Flomvarselet gjelder fortsatt for Stryn kommune, her er det fortsatt flomvannføringer i både Stryns- og Loelva.



Rising temperatures will lead to high snow melting also in the high mountains.

Continuous snow melting will increase water discharge in rivers. Water discharge is expected to rise in the major rivers. The warning level is increased/decreased.
Danger decrease Wednesday morning 1. Jul. 2020
Consequence Extensive flooding, erosion damage and flood damage in exposed places. May cause closed roads and bridges.
Advice Stay informed on the situation. Secure and/or move assets away from vulnerable areas (car, caravan along rivers/streams, basements). It is recommended to Keep away from rivers and streams with high flow. Emergency authorities must be prepared for the fact that building and infrastructure in general may be subject to serious incidents.
Warning level meaning Extensive flooding, erosion damage and flood damage in exposed places. The repetition interval is more than 5 years. A severe situation that rarely occurs, requires emergency preparedness and can cause serious injuries.

The warnings are valid from 07.00  - 07.00.

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