Flood and landslide forecast

Debris avalanches, debris flows and slush slides warning yellow level for parts of Sør-Norge (NVE)

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Heavy rain is expected. The watercontent in the soil will increase due to snowmelt.

The soil is locally water-saturated. Steep slopes, as well as streams and river with high discharge, are particularly exposed. Risk of slushflows is especially high in areas with more than 50 cm snow. The snow may in some places be fully water-saturated. Slushflows are triggered even in relatively gentle slopes, where water accumulates. Slushflows follow terrain depressions, and may develop into debris flows. Debris flows may reach the valley bottom even if they are triggered high in the terrain.
Danger increase Friday morning 5. Jun. 2020
Danger decrease Monday morning 8. Jun. 2020
Altitude 0 - 2400 masl
Consequence Some landslides are expected. A few large events may occur. Exposed railways and roads may be closed. Debris avalanches/shallow slides: Soil slides and rapid movement of saturated soil in steep terrain. Debris flows: A "flood" of water, soil and rocks in steep creeks. Surface runoff in steep terrain can cause streams to change regular flow patterns. Slushflows: A flow of watersaturated snow. These slides can start in relatively flat terrain and seek towards streams and steep slopes.
Advice Keep yourself updated about the development of the weather and the landslide and flood situation
Warning level meaning Challenging situation which requires monitoring and may cause local damages. Yellow level is the lowest of our warning levels.

The warnings are valid from 07.00  - 07.00.

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