Flood and landslide forecast

Flood warning orange level for Hordaland og Sogn og Fjordane NVE

Valid for: 2018-10-13. Published: . Next forecast before:

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Varselet for øvre deler av Ottavassdraget, deler av Sogn og Fjordane og Hordaland er nedgradert til grønt.

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Flomvarselet på rødt nivå er utvidet med Vågå og Sel kommune

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Flomvarsel på oransje nivå utvides til å gjelde berørte kommuner langs Ottavassdraget i Oppland på grunn av stor snø- og bresmelting og kraftig vannføringsøkning i natt. Se oppdatert varsel på varsom.no kl 11.



Hydropower production will in some cases act as flood control, and therefore the issued warning will not necessarily apply to all regulated waterways.
Altitude 0 - 2000 masl
Consequence May cause closed roads and bridges. Extensive flooding, erosion damage and flood damage in exposed places.
Advice Stay informed on the development of the weather and the hydrological situation by following the weather forecast and weather radar, as well as updates on varsom.no. Secure and/or move assets away from vulnerable areas (car, caravan along rivers/streams, basements). Cleaning of drainage paths and culverts is recommended. Keep waterways clear of snow and ice, sediments, garbage, twigs and leaves. Keep away from rivers/streams with high flow.
Warning level meaning Extensive flooding, erosion damage and flood damage in exposed places. The repetition interval is more than 5 years. A severe situation that rarely occurs, requires emergency preparedness and can cause serious injuries.

Water flow rates

The warnings are valid from 07.00  - 07.00 (08.00 - 08.00 during daylight savings).

Updates: Monday - Friday before 11.00 and 15.30. Saturday and Sunday before 11.00

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