Debris avalanches and debris flows warning yellow level for Vestlandet


Yellow level

Published: Valid: from 14.10.2018 07:00 to 15.10.2018 06:59
Next forecast before:
  • Danger decrease: Monday morning 15. Oct. 2018
  • Height: 0 - 1500 moh

Oppdatert informasjon -

Varselet er utvidet til å gjelde noen kommuner i Rogaland og i Møre og Romsdal. Deler av Rogaland har allerede har fått mye regn siste to døgn og det ventes en god del nedbør her i løpet av dagen.


Some landslides are expected. A few large events may occur. Exposed railways and roads may be closed. Debris avalanches/shallow slides: Soil slides and rapid movement of saturated soil in steep terrain. Debris floods: A "flood" of water, soil and rocks in steep creeks. Surface runoff in steep terrain can cause streams to change regular flow patterns.


Keep away from steep slopes, as well as streams and rivers with high discharge. Cleaning of drainage paths and culverts are recommended. Stay updated on the latest weather developement and hydrological situation. Follow the weather forecast and radar at, and updates on


The amount of water in the soil is significant. Steep slopes, as well as streams and river with high discharge are particularly exposed.