Avalanche forecast for Indre Troms Saturday 2019-05-18


The avalanche danger varies during the day. The danger is at its highest in steep sun exposed slopes and in the afternoon when the air temperature is high.

Wet snow (loose snow avalanches)

Loose snow

Be careful in avalanche release and runout areas. Avoid skiing in terrain traps. Timing is important. Stability decreases when the snow surface gets wet and soft. Wet snow avalanches tend to release spontaneously.
2 - Medium
Spontaneous release
Specific steep slopes

Wet snow (slab avalanches)

Water pooling in/above snow layers

Avoid staying for a longer period in avalanche release and run out areas. Wet snow avalanches tend to release spontaneously. Stability decreases when the snow surface gets wet and soft. Timing is important.
2 - Medium
Spontaneous release
Isolated steep slopes

What are avalanche problems?

Observations the last 3 days (map placed)

0 mm precipitation.
Breeze from west.
-2 °C to 4 °C at 1100 m a.s.l.
Plus degrees up to 1800 m a.s.l. during the afternoon.
Partly cloudy.

For updated info, please visit yr.no
0 mm precipitation.
Calm/light breeze.
0 °C to 6 °C at 1100 m a.s.l.
Clear skies.

For updated info, please visit yr.no

Observations the last 3 days

Indre Troms / BARDU


18.05.2019 kl. 17:00

962 masl

mortenh@obskorps (*****)

Snow Cover

Wet loose snow Wet Fin vårslush fra 1489-800m. Litt «sugete/luggende» fra 800-400. Bart fra 400.

Avalanche Problems

Loose wet avalanche Loose snow Very easy to trigger 2 - Medium SE, S, SW, W above 400 masl Det er særlig i bratte leformasjoner hvor den siste nysnøen ikke har vært hardt påvirket av vind at faren for skred er størst. I kombinasjon med solstråling.

Avalanche Activity

18. May. During the day Loose wet avalanche Few (2-5). 1 - Small. Very easy to trigger Specific steep slopes. SE, S, SW, W. Above 400 masl Utløst av skiløper i de bratteste solvendte partiene. Det er den gamle nysnøen som løsner og sklir oppå hardere fokksnø. Så dette i flere bratte, solvendte leheng.


Gikk opp sommerruta til Vestre Istind. Kjørte ned litt lengre sør. T skjorte på hele veien opp 😎

ObsID: 195041

The bulletin does not include a detailed text about the avalanche conditions. This is only given in Norwegian. Translate it using google translate if you like. The text result will be informative, and most likely amusing

For planning your trip and recognizing avalanche terrain, use maps.

Norway has 1:50 000 maps for the whole country. Maps can be bought at bookstores and sports shops, or printed from the net.

Visit www.ut.no for topographic maps online. For slope angle maps, see NGI slope angel maps ("helning" means slope angle).

Modelled snowpack and historic and current weather information can be found on the webpage senorge.no. This site uses information from the weather stations and interpolate values from the stations for gridded maps.

Detailed weather forecast can be found online at www.yr.no or www.storm.no. Yr.no is also in English, but the weather in text format is only given in Norwegian.