Avalanche forecast for Indre Sogn Thursday 2018-10-11

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Observations the last 3 days (map placed)

Observations the last 3 days

Indre Sogn / LUSTER


09.10.2018 kl. 11:13

1454 masl

Kristoffergh88 (Unknown)

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Avalanche Observation

9. Oct 11:13 (+02:00) Wet loose-snow avalanche Naturaly released Steep slope Mye nysnø siste dagene. Stigene temp. idag og mye nedbør i form av regn utløste flere harmløse skred i svært bratte sider i Martadalen


Snow Did not affect anything By foot

ObsID: 167924

The bulletin does not include a detailed text about the avalanche conditions. This is only given in Norwegian. Translate it using google translate if you like. The text result will be informative, and most likely amusing

For planning your trip and recognizing avalanche terrain, use maps.

Norway has 1:50 000 maps for the whole country. Maps can be bought at bookstores and sports shops, or printed from the net.

Visit www.ut.no for topographic maps online. For slope angle maps, see NGI slope angel maps ("helning" means slope angle).

Modelled snowpack and historic and current weather information can be found on the webpage senorge.no. This site uses information from the weather stations and interpolate values from the stations for gridded maps.

Detailed weather forecast can be found online at www.yr.no or www.storm.no. Yr.no is also in English, but the weather in text format is only given in Norwegian.