Regobs - About data and terms of service

Regobs is a tool in the Varsom-platform which facilitates registering and sharing observations, also via API. Regobs is used for the snow avalanche-, landslide-, lake ice- and flood- warning systems at NVE. Regobs is used by private persons and for organisations that are doing hazard assessments.

The Regobs observations are treated as fresh data. After a registering of an observation is done it is available for all to read. Observations can be edited or deleted within 48 hours after they are registered.

Use the observations and maps in Regobs at your own risk.

Data on Varsom Regobs are produced by the users of Regobs and are available 'as is'. They may contain errors and omissions. NVE makes no warranties as for the currency of the information and does not take responsibility if the data results in incorrect or misleading information.

The number of stars (1–5) describes the level of competence of the person providing observations. Without stars, competence is unknown or low.

Your nickname is visible for all, and associates you with the observation you are registering. It is up to you if your nickname reveals who you are, or if you pick a nickname that makes you anonymous. You can change your nickname at any time.

A user can delete their NVE account. If that is done, the nickname of the observations registered by this user will be changed to “anonymous”. The observations will remain available in Regobs.

Regobs data are distributed under the Norwegian Licence for Public Data (NLOD) which is compatible with Creative Commons share by attribution (CC BY 4.0). License text can be found on data norway and creative commons.

Attribution of single data (e.g. a picture or a single observation) includes the observers name and By submitting observations to Regobs, you accept that your data is reused with the above-mentioned conditions.

Read more about the terms of use here.